Obduction for Free!!!

Update: The free offer from GOG has ended. Maybe next time!

It has been some time since I have posted about deals in gaming, but this is too good to pass up!  Obduction, the 2016 game from independent developer Cyan, is free for the next day or so on GoG.com.  Cyan is the developer of the game Myst.  Released in 1994 on PC, Myst is one of the first games of the genre and held sales records until 2002.  Due to limitations in computing power at the time, Myst is made up of individually rendered screens that the player clicks between to reveal the puzzle-based gameplay and story.  There have been follow-ups to Myst with five total sequels as well as a re-release that includes a full 3D environment.  Now the team is back with a new first person adventure, Obduction.  The game has long been on the Cache to purchase.  Thanks to GoG for making it possible!

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